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 SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio

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Should SiggyxLeGiiT join the team along with you?
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Maybe, not too sure yet.
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Not a big fan of his work
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PostSubject: SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio   SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 1:17 pm

Hello, I'm SiggyxLeGiiT. You can call me Siggy or Anthony, it doesn't matter to me Smile

I'm here because b0xb0x thought I might be useful to you guys, working on graphics for scripts. I'm no expert, but I'm on the computer all the time and I try my best on everything. I have pictures here, some from when I was horrible, and some which I think shows my progress working with programs and images :P

Take a look at the images, and put a post in for whether you would like me to be part of Cyber Syndicate or not.

Also, please note every image here is a .png file, so most of the black you're seeing behind it is from the forums. <3 Smile

SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Bliszfulm
This was done for Bliszful, and he loved it because of the chick xD
I couldn't help not adding this one :P

SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Tylermeme12

SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Masterquest2

SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Kocheck
This may be hard to see with the black background on this website, so here's the link to it:

The two following images are a spanish project of Iron Man 2 for school about 3 weeks ago :p
I know my spanish isn't up to par in some places. At 5:15am the morning it's due, I call wikipedia and google translator pretty good xD
As before, the second image of the two Iron Man 2 ones might be a little difficult to see, so heres the link to that:

SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Im2bSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Movieback

b0xb0x's signature Smile
SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Cybersyndicate

Now for this one, you're probably saying "That looks like pure shit." But, it was designed for the RSBuddy forums and I was trying to make it slowly go transparent into the macaroni from the forum color. Give it a chance :P
SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio Cameroni2

The following are 7 little 32x32 (or close to) images of script b0xb0x has, which he requested of me. He thought it would be a great idea if I added them Smile
SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xurnsSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xrcSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xpodSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xpkSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xcbtSiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xagilitySiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio B0xb0xmagic

So those are some of what I have, and I think you can see my progress with them. I hope you want me to join you guys and put a vote down below with your answer, as well as some of what you liked/disliked. I'm always trying to improve <3


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SiggyxLeGiiT Portfolio
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